Tracker - Agricultural planet in the Stalker system.(back to the listing page)
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Tip: Alloys and Artifacts do not have any inputs- they are only limited by number of workers and will always show 999 no-haul.
Tip: No haul facs shows the number of factories on the planet that do not require inputs to be hauled in.
Warning: This does not mean the planet will be able to consume all outputs- no haul input factories may still need to have products hauled out.
Warning: This also not mean the planet will have enough workers to support this number of factories.
Warning: This calculation is for offline owners (12 bays/factory/day vs. 16 for an online FO), if your factory owners spend time online, you should lower this number by 1/4.
Group Commodity S Base Value Value Stock Max Min Eff P C Net B/H B/D WkT Supp
Totals:      $ 0 0     0 (0)